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MVMNT Studio
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MVMNT Studio is dedicated to helping people of all backgrounds and fitness levels who want to move and feel better. Our coaches specialize in working with the prenatal and postnatal body, including diastasis recti prevention and repair, core engagement, and pelvic floor awareness. MVMNT also helps those with injuries, using a unique blend of corrective exercise and mobility work. We offer a safe and caring environment that moves at your pace, in San Diego or online.

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Address: 5702 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA 92115
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Prosthetic & Orthotic Institute

Prosthetic & Orthotic Institute assists people in finding the perfect prosthetic or orthotic to meet their goals. Increase your mobility with a custom solution from POI's experienced clinicians. We have specialty prosthetics, such as running legs and swimming arms, to help you achieve your fitness goals. Contact us today!

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10502 Park Road, Suite 170
Charlotte, NC 28210
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